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Create and protect your data

There is only ONE way to protect your data everywhere!

Multiple data protection

A good backup allows you to back up individual files or folders, but also entire partitions or disks, and then allow them to be safely stored and restored efficiently.

Work in real time

In the case of larger amounts of data and systematic backups, it is best to use dedicated software that can work all the time and create frequent backups.


We also store a lot of personally created files on your computer that cannot be recovered or restored. Photos and videos, private or business documents, application data, incl. invoices.

For private users and companies

Backups are about saving your data on a regular basis. These can be text documents, image files, and many other sets of content. This applies to both companies and private computer users.

Protect your brand

Data leakage protection is one of the key elements to maintaining a stable business.

We are driven by values

We believe that your success is our success. Together, we can do a lot!

“From now on, I don’t have to be afraid of losing data from my personal computer.”


“My business is safe and I can focus on further expansion in my industry.”


“As a photographer, I cannot afford to lose my photos. That is why frequent backups are my everyday life. It’s easy now!”


Let’s work together to protect your data

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