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What is GitLab?

Contrary to appearances, programming is not as easy as many people think. More and more people are choosing this solution because we can earn a lot of money on it. It is indeed an idea for success, but we should not forget that it is… Read More »What is GitLab?

What is cluod backup?

Cloud backup is a way to store your data. Thanks to this, we gain the security of a trusted provider and access to data via the Internet. This is how companies store important data, having access to it at any time.Cloud backup is a service… Read More »What is cluod backup?

What is Git and Github?

Nowadays a lot of people deal with programming. It is a very popular field, thanks to which we can fulfill ourselves on many professional levels, as well as earn very good money. There are a lot of different developer tools on the market today. What… Read More »What is Git and Github?

What is Github backup?

Recently, a very popular solution that is used by more and more people is certainly Git. We should know that this is a special version control system and is very often used by many developers. Why is it worth using? Git backup is used more… Read More »What is Github backup?