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How can I prepper for GitHub stability issues?

git security

Today’s times are characterized by the fact that every industry is concerned about the confidentiality of its data and the security of the files it collects. This results in a lot of backup options. The situation is exactly the same in the IT industry when it comes to repositories stored on GitHub. How do you protect yourself from GitHub down so you don’t lose access to your project?

Data security

The main aspect that companies look for in order to secure their projects is data security. Nowadays, leaking a project or some commercial information can prove to be very serious in its consequences. Thus, in case of application projects being developed, it is so important to properly secure the GitHub repository.

In case a GitHub down project leader should have a contingency plan on what to do in such cases. In this way, many difficult issues can be resolved that could not be overcome if you did not have a GitHub backup in place. For this reason, it is very important to know how you can secure your backups in case of any Git stability issues.

The era of the cloud…

Nowadays, one of the fastest growing technologies in the IT industry is data clouds. They have very many advantages. First of all, the ability to access the saved Git repository by every member of the project, no matter where in the world they are. For this reason, companies invest serious money to make their clouds stable enough and work flawlessly. This way, you can store GitHub backups that will be accessible to every team member.

The second option is to manually back up your repositories and store it on your hard drive. This is a task for the project leader. He or she should set a deadline for when he or she does the backup and then stick to it strictly. In this way, every day there should be a new copy stored on a disk or a flash drive. This is less commonly used nowadays, but it still works very well.

When comparing cloud solutions and standard stored files, it should be noted that storage on physical media seems to be more secure. In this way, access to data has only the person who has access to the hard drive at the moment. This is a less comfortable situation in terms of cooperation, but the data remains in a very safe place.

In conclusion, if you want to keep your data safe and your project continuous, it is essential to store backups properly. When you find that GitHub down it can cause quite a few problems. For this reason, every project team should be prepared for anything and have a working GitHub backup in case of any Git stability issues.

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