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List of basic Git Commands

git commands

More and more people have recently been looking for a variety of solutions that make programming much easier. There is no doubt that there are so many programmers on the market today and therefore more and more often we have no idea how we can stand out. What can we do to make our programs well-written?

Programming is more and more often chosen

Undoubtedly, a lot of people decide to learn programming. More and more IT companies employ employees who do not really have any experience in the IT industry or who do not even have completed studies in this field, it is enough for them to be able to program and find themselves in a given environment. This is very important, because we should not forget that the demand for this type of specialists on the market is very large and therefore more and more often, if we are looking for a job and also like programming, we should find something for ourselves.

However, many people make a serious mistake and choose to complete their programming training without learning anything else. This is a very serious mistake, because we can only really do one thing and we are not looking for other solutions that we may need in our daily work. Above all, it is worth acquiring some experience to find ourself in such an international environment. We must also not forget that many programmers, including those of world rank, use a variety of tools on a daily basis, thanks to which we can help ourselves very quickly in the case of programming.

One such tool that is often used in many enterprises is Git. Although some time ago it was only a tool, that could often be used additionally and it was not a mandatory solution, nowadays it is used very often. So we shouldn’t forget that git commands in particular can help us with programming very quickly. Many employers require knowledge of this tool, so we should decide on it. So what are the most popular commands in Git?

Git clone or git backup? Popular commands in a Git

Certainly, the first time we use this program, it will be very important to properly configure our tools. In turn, we can even use the git push command while working, which can show other employees changes in our code. Certainly, using commands such as git clone will be very helpful during our work. It is nothing more than a mirror image of the server. We can also decide on the so-called git backup, which creates a backup for us. Saving a copy is very important, because especially if we are working on a very complex project, we should remember about it. Thanks to this, we will not lose any data.

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