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What is Git and Github?


Nowadays a lot of people deal with programming. It is a very popular field, thanks to which we can fulfill ourselves on many professional levels, as well as earn very good money. There are a lot of different developer tools on the market today. What is worth choosing in this case? What is worth using so that our work is not so difficult?

Git backup

A lot of people have recently decided to use Git in their work. This is a very good solution that allows us to quickly find problems and save the entire script. The vast majority of programmers use the aforementioned Git, because thanks to this tool the work is very simple and we can enjoy great results. When is Git the most profitable?

When we work in a team, such a tool will be very helpful. More and more developers choose them also when the project is important and mistakes can be fatal. In the case of long-term projects, it is also worth choosing this solution. We should remembering that when we want to make our project public or we are afraid of losing files, such a tool will also be very useful.

Github is also a great solution for developers. This is a special portal that is designed to work with projects that are related to Git. In this case, we can also work as a team, as well as register and manage software bugs. We should not forget that it is also a great place for a developer portfolio, because virtually every person in the IT industry has a profile here. Thanks to this, we can present our achievements and projects that we are currently working on. When we start programming, it is necessary for us.

Why is the best solution to use backup services?

Every developer is aware of the importance of using backup services. It is an increasingly popular practice, because only thanks to this we have the opportunity to save our working copy. Our backup copy is the best idea, because by saving such data, we can successfully restore it in case it is damaged or lost. Certainly, every programmer who works on a given script for a very long time is aware that losing the results of work, for example, from a few weeks, could be very difficult, especially if such a project is to be handed over in a moment. Github backup is the best solution in this case. Such tools are used by every conscious programmer who, above all, meets deadlines and is aware of how difficult it can be to work in the event of data loss. Therefore, it is worth choosing Gitlab backup if we do not want to lose the results of our work.

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