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What is GitLab?


Contrary to appearances, programming is not as easy as many people think. More and more people are choosing this solution because we can earn a lot of money on it. It is indeed an idea for success, but we should not forget that it is really worth using additional tools when programming. What can we use in this case?

Very useful tools for a developer

More and more people have recently decided to use GitLab. We should not forget that it is a very popular tool in IT, and it used to be arbitrary in the past. However, along with the development of GitLab, more and more employers require us to use this tool in their daily work. We should not forget that based on the name it can be understood that GitLab is primarily a solution used to store a Git repository in the cloud. When developing software in the course of our work, version control is always paramount, which puts the main emphasis on GitLab development.

A very important proper version control system

We should know that the mentioned version control system is a program management component. Tracks any changes made to information, program code, and so on. Very large projects usually involve several developers, so version control is important as it becomes unrealistic to track code versions and changes in the future. It is worth remembering that with such a tool as, for example, GitLab, programming will be successful and will be guaranteed without conflict or coincidence of code fragments. That is why more and more specialists decide to use this type of solution in their work, and as mentioned before, GitLab is imposed in many companies.

It should be recalled that the product may change requirements and developers have to fall back to the old code. In this case, having an appropriately configured version control system, it is not necessary to change the entire program code databases to restore the previous stage of programming. GitLab backup is a very good idea, if we want to save changes to our version. We should not forget about this tool, because thanks to this it is possible to return to some things. It is very important to use many possibilities of this program, because only thanks to this we will be able to really make the GitLab archive repository, for example, be used by us at work. Certainly, deciding on such a solution during programming, we will not regret it. Such a solution does not cost too much, and can significantly facilitate our daily work. It is also a tool, which is recommended for young developers.

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